Terms of Use

The TheX Protocol User Agreement

Dear Users, Please Read These The TheX Protocol and PRESALE Terms of Use Carefully. By Accessing or Using the TheX Protocol Services, You Agree to be Subject to the Terms Set Out Herein and All Terms Incorporated by Reference, that You are authorised on behalf of the company or any entity with which You are dealing, that You have the capacity to use these services in accordance with the law of Your country (or, if You are under 18 years of age, that Your guardian has the necessary consent) and that You have obtained the necessary permissions. If you are under 13 years of age, you should not create an account on the Platform. If you are between 13 and 18 years of age, you must obtain permission from your guardian. You must show the necessary care within the Platform.

1. Parties:

The parties to this agreement are "Suitech Software Bilişim Ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi" (Mersis No: 0782128303300001) (Trade Registry No: 120602)"(The TheX Protocol/Platform/TheX Protocol)and the "User"using these The TheX Protocol PRESALE services.

2. Scope:

This text contains the detailed terms and conditions for users of the TheX Protocol and the TheX Protocol PRESALE (Initial Coin Offering), the affiliated platforms and projects listed below and the related legal and technical texts and terms. The TheX Protocol helps businesses overcome the technical challenges of transitioning to the Web3 world. Thanks to The TheX Protocol's unique Web3 Wizard tool, businesses can easily create customised business models and step into Web3. TXP's advanced solutions enable businesses to make a smooth transition without any previous experience in using blockchain technology. TheX Protocol and other connected platforms include:

The TheX Protocol Platform (TheX Protocol): https://thexprotocol.com/

TheX Protocol Social Media Accounts and Platforms:

3. Definitions

ICO: Initial Coin Offering. It is the realisation of the process of collecting financing by collecting money from the public in traditional finance with cryptocurrencies. In addition, the IPO and PRESALE in traditional finance have different principles.

NFT: Non - Fungible Token. It is the tokenisation of an asset such as a photograph, a piece of music or a text, making it unique by being produced as one or a number.

Metaverse: These are technological platforms that enable people to carry out activities such as trade, shopping, communication, music, art, etc. in a virtual world with user accounts called avatars using blockchain technology infrastructure.

De-Fi: Decentrelised Finance. Finance in which the rules are predetermined instead of the centralised structure in traditional finance and there is no central structure outside of these rules and the blockchain structure is used behind it.

Presale: A presale is a process or set of activities/sales normally carried out before a customer is acquired, but sometimes presales include the period of time during which the product or service is delivered to the customer. Pre-Sale. The name given to the collection of supply in a certain amount of people before PRESALE.

Wallet: Virtual wallets that allow crypto assets or virtual assets to be held.

KVKK: Law on the Protection of Personal Data published in the Official Gazette dated 7 April 2016 and numbered 29677

GDPR: European Data Protection Directive

TCK: Turkish Penal Code.

ECHR: European Convention on Human Rights

4. Scope of Platforms and Services

4.1. The TheX Protocol helps businesses overcome the technical challenges they face during the transition to the Web3 world. Thanks to The TheX Protocol's unique Web3 Wizard tool, businesses can easily create customised business models and step into Web3. TXP's advanced solutions enable businesses to make a smooth transition without any previous experience in using blockchain technology.

The features offered by The TheX Protocol enable businesses to make a difference in the Web3 world. By using Web3 technologies such as smart contracts, distributed applications, decentralised financial transactions, businesses can provide better and reliable services for their customers. TXP's goal is to make it easier for businesses to step into the Web3 world and to create more opportunities in the global market by increasing adoption in Web3.

The TheX Protocol provides the following features in the customised dashboard:

4.2. Users will find detailed information about the TheX Protocol project and its contents in the TheX Protocol Whitepaper (https://thexprotocol.com/docs/txp-whitepaper.pdf) All users of the TheX Protocol services shall be deemed to have read this agreement and the related agreements and the Whitepaper.

4.3. TheX Protocol Token (TXP), Presale and PRESALE information and conditions are as follows:

You can participate in the TXP Token presale by registering at https://accounts.thexprotocol.com.

The TheX Protocol Presale Details

Start Date: 20.05.2023

End Date: 21.08.2023

Phase 1 (30 Days)

Round 1: $0.005

Round 1: $0.007

Round 1: $0.010

Phase 2 (30 Days)

Round 1: $0.014

Round 1: $0.019

Round 1: $0.027

Phase 3 (30 Days)

Round 1: $0.038

Round 1: $0.053

Round 1: $0.075

Fundraising Target (HardCap): 4.375.000 $

Purchase Bonus: 10

Referral Bonus: 10%

Pre-Sales Supply (3.6%): 180M TXP (Unsold will be burnt)

Minimum Investment: $25

Accepted Currencies: USDT, BNB, BUSD, ETH

Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)s

After registering at accounts.thexprotocol.com, you can earn X Points in Dashboard by doing the following tasks:

Dashboard Tasks are as follows:







TXP - 2TO3 Modular Bridge - Web3 for Everyone:

You can convert the X Points you earn in the Dashboard into TXP Token.

Every 10 X Points = 1 TXP.

TXP - 2TO3 Modular Bridge - Web3 For Everyone:

TXP-2TO3 Modular Bridge" product acts as a bridge between different web marketing platforms, helping to harmonise Web2-based marketplaces with Web3 technologies. In this way, businesses can trade more securely and efficiently using next-generation technologies such as blockchain-based applications, NFT and cryptocurrencies.

Wordpress, Wix, Godaddy, Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress, Etsy

2TO3 Modular We3 Bridge, all marketplaces above


Category No Category Name Category Percent % Category Tokens



2 FUTURE TEAM & ADVISORS & FOUNDERS 11,2 560.000.000































4.3.1. The TXP Token of the TheX Protocol is hosted on the BNB Smart Chain network as the BEP20 Token standard.

4.3.2. TheX Protocol's Locked Sale contracts operate on the BNB Smart Chain network, linked to TheX Protocol's TXP Token.

X Chain - Layer 2 Blockchain:

The TheX Protocol can perform transactions on multiple Blockchain networks. There may be thousands, tens of thousands and millions of teams that want to develop a business model in the Web3 ecosystem and want to use The TheX Protocol Web3 Wizard. Since the transaction intensity to the targeted networks can be very high, with the Layer 2 Blockchain solution, we will keep the transaction intensity in The TheX Protocol Layer 2 Blockchain as a support point instead of reflecting it directly to the networks. The TheX Protocol Layer 2 Blockchain will be activated via Web3 Wizard with the extraordinary increase in transaction density.

The TheX Protocol Layer 2 Blockchain will utilise ZK-Snark and ZK- Rollups technologies under Layer 2 Technology.

X Chain - Zero-Knowledge Rollups:

As mentioned in the X Chain introduction, The TheX Protocol has the ability to perform fast block reads and writes in Layer 1 networks with which it is actively connected because it has a superior Web3 service infrastructure. With Zero-Knowledge Rollups, X-Chain scales the Main Chain with which it is in mutualist communication and takes a large load on the Chain.

Structures such as Process Calculate, Data Storage are kept in the X-Chain Layer, while Security Layer, Protection of Funds, Transaction Proofs are kept in the Main Chain.

Data validations related to proof of transactions and proofs of transaction for the protection of users' funds are also kept in the Main Layer, and the investor fund is protected by the "Main Chain" nodes

The TheX Protocol - X Chain Testnet:

Building the right business model and ensuring operational efficiency are critical to the success of businesses. However, multiple tests may be required to achieve these goals, and it is undesirable to take any risk during these tests. X Chain Testnet enables users to create the environment they want without taking any risk.

Users can also connect to testnets on the Blockchain network of their choice in a few steps and perform transactions on the relevant testnet network. In this way, businesses can test the applications they have developed in real-world conditions, identify problems and produce solutions.

The use of X Chain Testnet helps businesses accelerate the process of creating new business models using Blockchain technology, while minimising their operational risks.

TXP - 2TO3 Modular Bridge - Web3 For Everyone:

TXP-2TO3 Modular Bridge" product acts as a bridge between different web marketing platforms, helping to harmonise Web2-based marketplaces with Web3 technologies. In this way, businesses can trade more securely and efficiently using next-generation technologies such as blockchain-based applications, NFT and cryptocurrencies.

4.3.2. PRESALE Terms are:

How does it work for Presale?

5. Obligations of the User

5.1. The User, TheX Protocol will enter the PRESALE according to the PRESALE terms mentioned above and TheX Protocol will fulfil its obligations according to the above terms. They shall exercise due diligence in their use of the Platform for their own benefit and the benefit of others. In clause 4 of this text there are links to the affiliated platforms and in other necessary clauses there are links to other texts that users must comply with.

5.2. Users shall respect the rights of TheX Protocol and other users to the maximum extent in their business and transactions.

5.3. Users are deemed to have accepted the legal terms of these platforms if they use 3rd platforms and applications for the purpose of using TheX Protocol's services and platforms. TheX Protocol will not be liable for any damages incurred while using these platforms.

5.4 Users shall use TheX Protocol services in accordance with the account security guidelines and general cyber security standards of TheX Protocol and its co-operating organisations and declare that they will protect themselves, other users and the rights of TheX Protocol. TheX Protocol shall not be liable for damages that are not TheX Protocol's fault.

5.5. The user may not engage in any business and transactions within the platform in any way contrary to general morality, health, public order, human rights, personal rights and existing legal orders by international and national laws. (Theft, fraud, threat, insult, insult, pornography, immorality, harassment, slander, racism, Religion, etc. humiliation of a certain segment for reasons, humiliation of spiritual values, money laundering, unfair commercial practice, deceptive advertising, hacking, gambling, etc.) Complies with AML / KYC requirements and the Criminal Code obligations of States. Respects the intellectual property rights of TheX Protocol, other users and 3rd parties and cannot violate intellectual property rights. The User may not create, upload, disseminate, display or otherwise make available any content in accordance with this article and this agreement, and may not instigate or participate in these acts. Users and third parties are responsible for their behaviour and TheX Protocol is authorised to take measures against them both within the platform (user banning, blocking, account deletion, etc.) and within the legal system. The person who committed the action pays all damages and court (lawyer, tax, etc.) costs arising from this.

5.6. The User may not in any way engage in any activities (intellectual property infringement, hacking, system slowdown, defamation, provocation, disinformation, etc.) within the Platform that may harm TheX Protocol, the platforms it cooperates with, other users and third parties. It cannot violate the personal and commercial rights of states, TheX Protocol and other persons and cannot make such attempts. It pays all damages arising from this.

5.7. Users fulfil all tax, etc. obligations arising from the commercial activities they carry out within TheX Protocol. TheX Protocol is not responsible for these in any way.

5.8. The user shall comply with the obligations in the texts of the TheX Protocol also outside the TheX Protocol in relation to the TheX Protocol and shall not intermediate the TheX Protocol in any way. The user is fully liable for any such damages.

5.9. The user accepts that the assets used on the platform and the necessary rights on it belong to him.

5.10. Users are responsible for any 3rd party fees (Gas fee etc.) that may arise when using our Platforms.

5.11. Users cannot meet, gather, etc. in a physical environment by using TheX Protocol services. TheX Protocol is not responsible for these situations.

5.12. Users declare that they comply with the rules of their country of citizenship in their actions. Users may not violate the laws of any country in their actions. Responsibility for these actions belongs to the users.

5.13. Users show due care and attention in their shopping and investments. Since TheX Protocol does not guarantee any price and profit in its services and products, users assume the risk themselves.

5.14. Users acknowledge that they have read this and other legal texts of TheX Protocol.

5.15. Regular users, investors, cooperating organisations or any other users of TheX Protocol may not use TheX Protocol services and products in a manner that may cause TheX Protocol to suffer damages. They agree to pay all damages arising therefrom.

5.16. Investors will not be able to claim back their investments in the TheX Protocol PRESALE except in cases of intent or gross negligence of X Protokol, and the realisation of the investment cannot be considered within the framework of a debt or promise relationship. This provision does not mean that TheX Protocol may deliberately go beyond this agreement and Whitepaper.

5.17. When the User uses 3rd party services (API etc.), the User agrees to be subject to the terms of these platforms and Bypix will not be liable for any damages arising from these services.

5.17.1. The main actions that TheX Protocol does not allow for users and 3rd parties are as follows:

  • Cheats (i.e. methods not expressly authorised by TheX Protocol, including the exploitation of in-game bugs, to unfairly influence and/or facilitate gameplay, thereby giving you and/or another user an advantage over other players) using such methods),
  • Automation software (bots) (i.e. any code and/or software that allows automatic control of a Game or any other feature of the Services that is not expressly authorised by TheX Protocol, e.g. automatic control of a character in a Game),
  • Hacking (i.e., accessing or modifying the software of the Services in any way not expressly authorised by TheX Protocol),
  • Changes (mods) not explicitly permitted by the TheX Protocol or
  • Any other code and/or software not expressly authorised by the Company, including third party software that may be used in connection with the Services and/or any component or feature that modifies and/or facilitates gameplay or other functionality;
  • Engaging in any manipulative activity that violates the integrity of the prices of assets on the Marketplace, including (but not limited to) manipulative tactics known as counterfeiting and fake trading;
  • Access to or use of the Services and platforms in any way that may disable, overburden, damage, interrupt or impair the Services and platforms, or use any device, software or routine that interferes with or causes any other party's access to or use of the Services;
  • Attempting to gain unauthorised access to, interfere with, damage or disrupt the Services and platforms, accounts registered to other users, or computer systems or networks connected to the Services;
  • circumvent, remove, modify, disable, disrupt or block any technological measures or content protection of the services or platforms;
  • Use any unauthorised robot, spider, crawler or other automated device, process, software or query that captures, "mines", scrapes or otherwise accesses the Services or to track, extract, copy or collect information or data. use any manual process to use or replicate the Services, provided that the Company in its sole and absolute discretion permits the use of certain third party user interfaces; take advantage of a design flaw, undocumented problem or programme error in the Services; create, use or deal with any in-Game item created or copied through such exploit, including without limitation; host, provide or develop matchmaking services for the Game(s) or use communication protocols used by the Company, including but not limited to unauthorised gaming over the internet, networked gaming (except as expressly authorised by the Company) or as part of content aggregation networks;
  • facilitate, create or maintain any unauthorised connection to the Services, including but not limited to any connection to any unauthorised server that emulates or attempts to emulate the Services or platforms; and
  • any connection using third party programmes or tools not expressly permitted by TheX Protocol; allowing another party/person/organisation access to your account information or game session; or otherwise sharing your account;
  • Attempt to sell, sublicence, sub-licence, rent, lease, long term lease, grant a security interest in, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any copy of the Services or platforms, any component thereof or your rights in the Services to any other party in any manner not expressly permitted herein,
  • Introducing viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material that is malicious or technologically harmful into our systems;
  • use the Services for unlawful, harassing, unethical or disruptive purposes, including engaging in any conduct intended to interrupt or diminish the gaming experience of other players or to disrupt the operation of the Company Services in any way, for example:
  • Use the Services or platforms in a way that violates the privacy, intellectual property or other rights of third parties;
  • violate any applicable law or regulation in connection with your access to or use of the Services or platforms; or
  • Access or use the Services and platforms in any manner not expressly permitted in these Terms.

5.17.2. In case of breach of this agreement, Users agree that TheX Protocol may impose the following sanctions within the limits of law:

  • We may issue a warning and, where appropriate, require you to correct your breach;
  • We may deny, disable or restrict certain parts of your access to our system;
  • We may delete content or data you have added to our system;
  • We can completely ban you from accessing our system;
  • We may delete your account completely from our system without any liability to you; or
  • We may take legal action (including notifying law enforcement authorities) against users who violate these Terms.
  • In the interests of our Users and the Services, if any person's account or access is blocked or prohibited under this provision, they are prohibited from creating or using another account.

6.Declaration of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties

6.1. TheX Protocol accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the actions of Users, collaborating organisations and third parties within the scope of its services and platforms. Users are responsible for their own actions.

6.2. TheX Protocol is not responsible for, and TheX Protocol shall not be held liable for, system errors or malfunctions in its services and platforms, except through its own gross negligence.

6.3. TheX Protocol is not responsible for system security failures and hacking incidents that occur on its services and platforms in the absence of its own gross negligence. Users will make material and moral claims against the persons who have harmed them (disrupting system security, hacking, theft/fraud, etc.) due to these damages. TheX Protocol will provide the necessary support to the judicial authorities in these cases.

6.4. Users declare that they will use TheX Protocol services in accordance with the account security guidelines and general cyber security standards of TheX Protocol and its co-operating organisations and that they will protect themselves, other users and the rights of TheX Protocol. TheX Protocol shall not be liable for damages that are not TheX Protocol's fault. Each user is also obliged to take general cyber security protective measures, to protect their passwords, to keep their devices free of viruses, etc.

6.5. TheX Protocol will proceed in maximum compliance with the matters specified in its services and platforms and texts (legal texts, whitepapers, roadmaps, etc.). In addition, these information texts cannot be considered as a contract for TheX Protocol. The Platform is not your broker, lawyer, agent or consultant. TheX Protocol will not be liable for any damages incurred by the user, except for any business and transactions contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 and International Law, and the users assume all risks regarding the project assets and values. TheX Protocol may change terms and services to protect itself, the project or investors.

6.6. Users shall be responsible for their own actions within the TheX Protocol platforms. In this context, users shall act in accordance with the law, in particular human rights, public morality and health and public order, intellectual property laws, competition law laws, criminal laws, anti-money laundering laws (AML / KYC), both against TheX Protocol and against users connected to TheX Protocol or within TheX Protocol, within the platforms, and they or those who perform the actions will be responsible for the actions they or their user accounts perform on or off the platform. In addition, users accept that they will take cyber security measures in 3rd party tools / services they use within the scope of TheX Protocol services and platforms and that these services / tools are also in accordance with the law and fully compliant in terms of cyber security. Users and/or 3rd parties will be responsible for any damages arising from this.

6.7. These provisions will continue after the end of the contract.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1. The intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, etc.) of all assets, designs, brands, contents belonging to TheX Protocol within TheX Protocol shall belong to TheX Protocol. Users and 3rd parties will not be able to use these assets for commercial purposes in any way other than the rules of law. Without TheX Protocol's permission, these products may not be modified, copied, processed, distributed, reverse engineered or used in any way to generate revenue from TheX Protocol.

7.2. The copyrights of the intellectual works created by the users within TheX Protocol will still belong to the user. However, TheX Protocol may use these works for the promotion and marketing of TheX Protocol, development of content, business relations, training, conferences, etc. TheX Protocol shall not violate the right of public performance, the right to make changes on the work, the right to specify the name on the work in accordance with Article 14 et seq. of FSEK. Although TheX Protocol does not completely take over the financial rights (right of processing, right of dissemination, right of representation, right of communication to the public) pursuant to Article 20 et seq. of FSEK, it will be able to use these rights. At the same time, the authors (users) will be able to use these rights without damaging TheX Protocol.

7.3. All marks within TheX Protocol services and platforms that contain TheX Protocol's name and logo are trademarks owned by TheX Protocol. Users may not use these marks in a manner that infringes TheX Protocol's trademarks or rights.

7.4. Users own their trademarks on TheX Protocol platforms. TheX Protocol respects the rights of these brands within the rules of law. In addition, TheX Protocol may use these brands for purposes such as promotion, marketing, business, execution of business processes, etc. by fully respecting the rights of users.

7.5. In addition, the look and feel of the Site, including all page headers, custom graphics, button Presalens and scripts, is a service mark, trademark and/or trade dress of Atari Token and is part of the TheX Protocol marks

7.6. Users are liable for any damage caused to TheX Protocol in accordance with this clause and shall indemnify TheX Protocol for all damages and lost profits (including loss of brand value, etc.).

7.7. Users are responsible for damages caused to each other and TheX Protocol assists the judicial authorities for forensic cases. TheX Protocol is not liable for any damage to the intellectual property rights of users that occurs on TheX Protocol platforms and that is caused by the actions of third parties or other users or that is not caused by TheX Protocol's gross negligence or intent.

7.8. If you believe that anything on the Site infringes any copyright that you own or control, you may file a notice of infringement with TheX Protocol 's communication channel available hereunder. Please note that if you knowingly make a misrepresentation in your notification that the material or activity is infringing, you will be liable for any damages, including costs and attorneys' fees, incurred by us or the alleged infringer as a result of our reliance on that misrepresentation.

7.9. In the event of a gross negligent infringement of TheX Protocol's intellectual property rights, the infringing Person agrees to pay a penalty of 10.000 Dollars[p5] in addition to the above clauses.

7.10. These provisions will continue after the end of the contract.

Information required for breach notification and counter notification:

8. Non-Competition

8.1. Users of TheX Protocol Services and platforms may not use the content they experience in TheX Protocol and the assets they create in TheX Protocol in other metaverse projects and similar projects in an anti-competitive manner.

8.2. Users who make use of TheX Protocol Services and platforms shall not use any data and information of TheX Protocol that constitute commercial data and secrets without authorisation anywhere, including other similar platforms.

8.3. The user shall indemnify TheX Protocol's damages arising from competition in violation of this agreement and the rules of law.

8.4. The non-competition obligation will continue for 3 years from the end of the effective date of this agreement.

8.5. In the event that TheX Protocol's competition and commercial rights are infringed with gross negligence, the infringing Person agrees to pay 10.000 Dollars penal clause in addition to the above articles.

9. Personal Data and Privacy

9.1. The personal data of all projects, users and other persons within TheX Protocol will be protected in accordance with GDPR and KVKK. TheX Protocol keeps and secures this data in accordance with GDPR and KVKK in accordance with the law.

9.2. The protection of personal data within TheX Protocol is fully complied with by other users and 3rd parties in accordance with GDPR, Turkish Penal Code and KVKK. It cannot neglect the rights of individuals arising from personal data. Complies with all personal data protection (GDPR and KVKK) texts within TheX Protocol's platforms listed in Article 4.

9.3. These confidentiality provisions will continue after the end of the contract.

TheX Protocol Privacy Policy

9.4. All damages of TheX Protocol, users and third parties arising from the violation of the protection of personal data will be compensated by the persons who commit this action. TheX Protocol is not responsible for unintentional personal data violations within the platform. All legal and criminal responsibility belongs to the person who performs the action.

10. Taxes

10.1. TheX Protocol pays taxes on the income from its services and platforms. In addition, TheX Protocol may reflect the necessary taxes (VAT, etc.) to users within the limits given to it in accordance with the Laws, and users will be deemed to have accepted these taxes.

10.2. Taxes arising from the income and other assets of the users within TheX Protocol will be monitored and paid by the user himself/herself. The user agrees that he/she will do this follow-up and make the payments. TheX Protocol is not responsible for these in any way.

11. Notifications

11.1. Communication and notifications under the contract will be made via [email protected] e-mail address and "Gençlik Mah. Fevzi Çakmak Cad. 1.Mahmut Çil Apt 1. Mahmut Cıl Apt No: 73 Interior Door No: 4 Muratpaşa / Antalya" address.

12. Termination

12.1. This Agreement shall remain in force for a period of 1 year from the date of its conclusion and in any case for as long as the user uses our services. Upon expiry of the first such period, this Agreement shall remain in force for successive periods of 1 year each, unless terminated by either Party at least 15 days before the expiry of the relevant period.

12.2. If the termination occurs outside the contract period, the termination notice will take effect after 15 days, and TheX Protocol may unilaterally terminate the contract if it sees a violation of this contract.

12.3. Termination shall be effected under Article 11 (notices).

13. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

13.1. The law of the Republic of Turkey shall apply to disputes arising out of this agreement and the Courts of the Republic of Turkey shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

13.2. In the event that the parties resort to alternative dispute resolution through arbitration, the user shall pay all costs, except in cases of gross negligence of TheX Protocol, and the rules of the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) shall apply and be competent.

14. Force Majeure

14.1. Events beyond the control of the Parties which did not exist or were not foreseen at the Signature Date of the Agreement and which were beyond the control of the Parties, such as, but not limited to, acts of God, fire, governmental action, national mobilisation, riots, war or attempted war, strikes, lock-outs or pandemic outbreaks seriously affecting the ability to engage in legal relations, The circumstances that make it impossible for one or both of the Parties to fully fulfil their obligations and responsibilities under the Agreement or to fulfil them in a timely manner due to the emergence of one or both of the Parties, information, telecommunication, communication, GSM, service provider problems on a global or national scale will be accepted as force majeure. If one of these reasons occurs, the obligations of the Parties arising from the Agreement shall be suspended. If this reason continues for 30 days, any of the Parties may terminate the Agreement without compensation. However, the rights and receivables of the Parties accrued before termination shall remain reserved and shall not be returned.

14.2. Force majeure does not cover the provisions of the Agreement relating to intellectual property, trade secrets, non-competition, protection of personal data and confidential information.

15. Changes Made on the Site

15.1. TheX Protocol may unilaterally change this text and all related platform texts within legal limits. If these texts are updated, the date of the last change will be included in the text. The user will follow the texts from the relevant pages.

16. Other Provisions

16.1. If any article of this agreement is unenforceable, the other applicable articles of the agreement shall remain valid. No clause shall preclude any other clause.

16.2. This agreement has been arranged electronically as 16 (sixteen) articles and is deemed to have been accepted by becoming a member of the site or using TheX Protocol services and entered into force on the date of acceptance.